We use blockchain protocols to secure and certify all of the content's contractual elements

we conceive A Blockchain for Culture

By encoding all of the contractual specifics of each content ahead of any transaction, we promote secure and transparent transactions between different stakeholders of the distribution of said content. The clauses are embedded in a Smart Contract automatically run as part of an tamper-proof ledger, linking revenue generated by subscriptions and computation of copyright due.

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we produce a certified accountability of rights & usage

Real-time logging of transactions

Cryptographic evidence based trust

Identical & systematic implementation of contracts

Tamper-proof ledger of transactions

Production of qualified data

we implement A Progressive Web Application

The mobile future of web development, with app functionalities to enhance customer experience and empower our Over The Top Subscription Video On Demand service


we edit scenso.tv

Scenso.tv is the sVOD service for streaming quality performing arts, available today !
Our private blockchain, devised in cooperation with several stakeholders of the audiovisual market, enables us to commit to a fair and transparent payment of distrbiuted content.
Thus, our Smart Contract certifies views per show along with a distribution of monies between stakeholders.
Our PWA makes it easy to access editorialised content on any device

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we work as a team

Damien Callerot President*

Denis Février General Manager

Bertrand Keller Principal Architect

Marie Noëlle Bas Public Relation

Vivien Boucher Blockchain Developer

Javascript Developer

Mr. X Audiovisual Contracts Administrator

Gabrielle Carnino Video editor & Marketing Assistant

Jonathan Pansiot Ux Design & Accessibility Manager

a project supported by

Ministère de la culture et de la communication
Grand Paris
Cap digital
bpi france
Paris and Co