Progressive Web Application & Micro Service Architecture

Our service relies on a micro-service architecture, bringing together the best of web technologies to provide a great user experience. This architecture includes outsourced services,for instance for purposes of authentication and subscription management, as well as home grown solutions relying on JAMstack, open-source or other services to empower our application. These include GraphQL, Terraform, Netlify, Heroku, Algolia, goHugo - etc.

Our services are Ux-designed - we do not use specific operating system or servers, CMS, server-run web or isomorphic renderings. Our goal is to enable the best performance in the safest environment whilst keeping scaling costs low. We resort to Javascript frameworks, APIs, markups.

We enable the implementation of a Progressive Web Application - a combination of topshelf web technologies with app functionalities to enhance customer experience. This provides the behaviour of a dedicated application via any browser and without submitting to stores. It relies on an Application Shell and Service Workers, as well .manifest files to emulate an app-like experience for the end user. The purpose is to put customer utility first and foremost, whilst removing the requirement for any tech-oriented understanding. It also harvests a number of advantages :

  • responsive design compatibility
  • resilient and light
  • accessible with low internet access
  • unprecedentedly fast load times
  • no installation or download required
  • access via browser or clickable icon on the device’s screen
  • secured via https protocols
  • little if any load on the device’s memory
  • immersive full screen experience
  • no submission to store pre-requisites or subscription
  • SEO-friendly
  • Service workers allow for real-time & transparent updates
  • Push-notifications